The appeal of podcasts is that they offer a public form for people to share their passions with other like-minded individuals. The beauty of podcasting is that you don’t necessarily need any special credentials to host one of your own. 

However, having the right equipment and a proper setting sure can help!

Here are 3 engaging podcasts that use the Westlund Building as their recording location.

LIVE! from Langley BC

It makes sense that a podcast about the city of Langley be hosted smack dab in the heart of it. 

Although you can record a podcast virtually anywhere (including your bedroom or garage), setting yourself up in a more professional space often makes sense, especially when the bulk of your content comes from guests you invite to speak with you. 

The more comfortable your guests are, the more honest and forthcoming they will be. A professional-looking environment with the right equipment and professional operators will put your guests at ease. 

The computer setup in your bedroom at home may be fine for discussions with friends, but it’s certainly not appropriate for in-person interviews with members of the community.

When trying to appeal to business professionals and other subject matter experts, it’s important that they see how earnest you are about sharing their stories. They also expect a certain level of professionalism. 

A visit to the Westlund Building instills confidence whether you’re a host or a guest.

Listen to Live! from Langley BC

Murder with My Mother True Crime Podcast

Having the correct equipment and personnel while recording takes much of the burden off you as a podcaster. 

The endlessly entertaining mother-and-daughter team of Christie and Danika chose the Westlund Building to shoot their true crime podcast.  

Knowing you’re going to sound your best and be free of any technical difficulties allows you to focus on the topic for the day, not on the technical details. 

Although you don’t need video to grow your following, video podcasting is certainly one way to broaden your appeal in a world dominated by YouTube. 

Working in a professional studio is significant when you choose to shoot video as part of your podcast. Clean audio combined with proper lighting on a modern set ensures your audience remains focused on the substance of the content and not on any of the technical aspects that may be lacking. 

No matter whether the topic is true crime or local entertainers, a professional studio environment lends credibility to your insights. 

Listen to Murder with My Mother True Crime Podcast

Chai with T

If you want to put a face to the voice, the Westlund Building is well-equipped to present you in the best possible light. With the right video switchers, modern decor, and diffused lighting on hand, you are better able to control the conditions for a more professional sheen.  

Punjabi media personality Tarannum Thind selected the Westlund Building to host her popular podcast. Whether interviewing rappers, poets, or drag queens, Tarannum relies on the comfortable setting provided by the Westlund Building to help ease her guests into relaxed and enlightening conversations. 

Establishing the right conditions for honest engagement is a big part of her brand. 

Listen to Chai with T

Learn More

The more resources you have at your disposal, the easier it is to be yourself. When you record at the Westlund Building, you have everything you need. No distractions. Fewer technical limitations. Anyone can have their own podcast, and the Westlund Building is here to help. Your voice deserves a worthy form.

If you have questions about where to start, we encourage you to reach out to our team