There are many reasons to start a podcast. You may want to build an audience or credibility as an expert in your industry field or niche, or maybe you want another income stream. There are many reasons to start a podcast. No matter the reason why, the next question is how to start a podcast. 

A podcast is an audio-only series with one or more knowledgeable hosts discussing a particular topic. There is a podcast for everything and every industry. From true crime to marketing, to linguistics, to sports, if you can think about it, it probably exists. That does not mean that you should not create your podcast. Don’t worry about originality; people will listen if your podcast is well produced and executed. 

Know your topic

Before starting your podcast, define what it is going to be about. It sounds simple, but narrowing down a topic or niche can be difficult. Clear parameters will help you create content and grow an audience in the long term. Having a defined topic also helps build trust and establish yourself as an expert in your chosen topic. Pick a topic that interests you first and foremost. Make sure it is broad enough that you could reasonably talk about it for several episodes or seasons but specific enough to draw in a certain audience or demographic. 

Research is key

Before you start recording, do some research. Listen to other podcasts about or similar to your chosen topic. You may realize that there are not a lot of podcasts available about your topic or that your topic has many podcasts. Even if you realize that your chosen topic is flooded with content, it does not mean that you should not create a podcast about it. But it is important to do your research and figure out what you can bring to the table, and how you can set up your podcast in a way that sets you apart. 

Formatting is important

There are many different ways to podcast. Some podcasts are one host discussing a topic, several hosts having a panel-like discussion, and some have new guests each episode. You need to decide what format you think will suit your podcast the best and what format is feasible for you to continue doing. If you want to interview new guests every episode, you may need to do a lot of initial outreach and research before you can start recording. If your podcast has several hosts, you need to figure out a schedule. Once you know your format and what you need to do in order to achieve that format, planning out your podcast will be easier. 

How to record

The bare minimum needed to start a podcast is a computer with a microphone and access to the internet. However, the lower the audio quality, the less likely people will listen. While podcasting equipment can become expensive if you buy everything. Renting a podcast studio is a great way to ensure quality content. The Westlund Building’s podcast room comes with everything needed to record a quality podcast, including microphones, recording equipment, and editing software. 

If you have a story to tell, tell it

Podcasts are not going anywhere and are a great medium for storytelling. Podcasts can be great for your business, side hustle, or just for fun. Depending on your goals, there are several different ways of writing, creating, and executing your podcast.