If you’re in charge of securing the location for your company’s next Christmas party/holiday celebration, it’s never too soon to start your planning.There’s a reason why some companies book their venues a year in advance. 

But don’t worry; if you haven’t found an appropriate space yet, there are alternative options you may not have considered. There’s no rule that says your Christmas Party is limited to hotel ballrooms or golf club banquet halls. 

If your company requires more space than a restaurant but less than the Vancouver Convention Centre, the Westlund Building is a strong candidate for hosting your next Christmas party. 

Why the Westlund Building?

The Westlund Building, located off the number 1 highway in Langley, BC, has played host to a variety of unique events over the years. From movie shoots and casino nights to fashion shows and wine tastings, the building designed for flexible office space has proven to be a fine place to throw a fun party. 

A Building with Modern Appeal 

Your company deserves a venue where employees and serving staff have the elbow room to move around freely. With 10,000 square feet of open-concept space surrounded by large glass windows, your guests won’t feel boxed in.

The building’s upscale design and downtown feel perfectly complement any elegant affair. The massive 30-foot display screen overhanging the atrium can be utilized for your branding and photos, upping the wow factor for all in attendance. 

With a sizeable main-floor kitchen, 2 meeting rooms, 4 kitchenettes, and 16 bathrooms, you and your caterer have everything you need under one giant roof. 

A Handy Location with Plenty of Convenience

Wherever your business may be or wherever your staff may reside in the Lower Mainland, Langley isn’t all that far. Whether you’re coming from downtown Vancouver, Richmond, or Chilliwack, your drive is less than an hour away. 

Guests looking to celebrate with an extra alcoholic beverage or two may wish to book a room for the night. There are several recognizable hotels nearby. And each one is just a short cab ride or rideshare away (6 minutes or less). 

The Westlund Building is a unique-looking modern structure in a commercial area that’s tough to miss. Located along the main thoroughfare of 200th Street in Langley, there is plenty of parking outside the venue and along the neighbouring streets. 

A Company with Connections

Several companies call The Westlund Building home! It is part of the Westlund Group of Businesses, which oversees SKY Helicopters, Fluid Spa, Apex Wireless, and Vinyl Labs (to name a few). This diverse portfolio means the Westlund Building has extensive connections to various local vendors. We are happy to advise on the necessary requirements so your night goes off without a hitch. 

Are you ready to book your next Christmas party or holiday function with us? Our building is available year-round for events of any scale. Please send us a message with any questions you may have. If you’re thinking about celebrating in Greater Vancouver, think Westlund!