Outdoor Event Space at the Westlund Building

Warm weather is a great time to get together with the people you know. If you’re organizing an event during the summer months, rest assured nobody wants to be stuck inside. 

It’s important to cut loose with friends, co-workers, and family when the temperature outside is agreeable. Any excuse to gather with some beverages and snacks outdoors during the summer months is always looked upon favourably. 

However, finding a suitable meeting space isn’t always easy. 

The Problem with Outdoor Get-Togethers

Sure, you can always book a patio table at a restaurant, but then you’re limited to a confined space surrounded by the general public. Bars and craft beer establishments can be excessively crowded and loud.

Public parks aren’t always conducive to people’s plans. And most people’s backyards don’t have enough seating to host larger gatherings comfortably. 

Outdoor parties of any kind are for milling about, connecting with those in attendance, and having the opportunity to stretch your legs while enjoying the fresh air. 

The Westlund Building provides ample space for outdoor socializing that’s not only handy but picturesque as well. From drinks with friends to formal functions, we have an outdoor venue that’s suitable for all. 

The Perfect Patio for Business Owners and Teams

If you’re an employer looking for team bonding, there’s nothing better than a rooftop patio barbecue to fire up the troops. A little R&R after a long week is the perfect opportunity to express your gratitude to your staff. 

As the home of several companies, The Westlund Building knows what makes good businesses tick. And it starts with team bonding in a relaxed setting. 

Summer parties are a great excuse for companies to show their staff appreciation. 

Sometimes you need a private space where you and your teammates can hang out that’s a little more exclusive than the neighbourhood sports bar.

The vibe at the Westlund building is decidedly relaxed. Our inviting and spacious patio is an excellent option for chit-chatting, mingling, telling stories, and strengthening bonds. 

Companies, sports teams, and celebratory parties of every sort are always welcome.  

What About Fancier Outdoor Events? 

If you’re celebrating a wedding, an anniversary, or a big company milestone, you want your outing to feel special. Booking a unique location is an exciting way to make any occasion more memorable and photogenic.  

What better way to mark your gathering than to hold it on top of our 4-story building with its scenic mountain views in the background? If your event requires catering, the Westlund Building provides easy access, plentiful parking, and all the necessary resources.  

The rooftop patio of The Westlund Building in Langley makes a fantastic option for all types of events.

Everything You Need 

At the Westlund Building, you’ll have your own 3,500 square foot patio space with private washrooms, rooftop service bar (with fridge and sink), a barbecue, audio system, and use of our facility’s downstairs kitchen area. 

And when the sun finally sets, our patio heaters and string lighting set the right ambiance for any gathering. Our covered dining area ensures a dry environment in case of rain.

Don’t worry about bringing the patio chairs; we have enough seating for most groups. However, we’re happy to advise based on the expected number of attendees. 

We also have a ping-pong table, foosball, and a golf green to entertain guests.

Whatever the occasion, the Westlund Building is here to make sure you feel comfortable and welcomed. 

Get in touch to book the ultimate outdoor venue today!