Working from home is great – until it isn’t! Being able to work in your pajama bottoms loses its charm eventually, and the isolation, the endless chores around the house can make even the most dedicated of workers lose focus. Shared office spaces are the answer to these woes. A study by TeamStage found that simply joining a co-working space made 89% of people happier and 68% said that their focus had improved. If a happier lifestyle and improved focus aren’t reasons enough to start looking for shared office space, read on for a quick look at all the perks of a shared office space. 

Flexible Choices

There is a lot to be said about having a workplace that’s separate from your home. However, the ability to choose when you feel like working from home and when you would prefer a more professional environment is a huge perk offered by shared office spaces. The flexibility of hot desks means that you only pay to work in a professional environment when you need it. There are plenty of cost savings for those who need a private office space too including monthly rentals and the opportunity to expand. Check out this article for an in-depth look at how having a flexible office space can benefit you.

Room for Growth

As a freelancer, entrepreneur, or small business owner you know you will eventually need more space as your business grows. Another scenario may be that your business needs temporary staff on a seasonal basis which makes leasing a large office space throughout the year redundant. Shared office spaces offer more flexible lease terms than traditional rentals. This means you can scale up your office space as your number of employees grow or simply rent out desks for your seasonal employees. The table below describes the various sizes of offices available at the Westlund Building.

Rental Option Maximum Team Size Description
Rental A  2 people  Perfect for smaller teams to provide a compact workspace solution.
Rental B  3 people  Ideal for slightly larger teams
Rental C  4 people  Offers a workspace for teams providing a bit more room to collaborate.
Rental D  6 people  Suitable for larger teams with ample workspace space left to spare.
Rental E  8 people  Spacious enough for sizable teams offering room for growth.

Apart from private offices, we also have 75 co-working chairs for you to choose from. 

Improved Productivity

Being in an environment where everyone is hard at work can do wonders for your productivity. Unlike traditional office spaces that are famous for toxic atmospheres, shared office spaces can mean you sit next to someone new every few days. Hot desks also give you the freedom to move around and forge new friendships.


A lot of business happens through networking with professionals from different industries and backgrounds. A shared office space can give you more networking opportunities than a traditional office would. After all they attract people with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Think about it, the coder sitting three desks over might just resolve your app’s tech issue, simply because you mentioned your problem while you were both on a break.

Space to Impress Your Clients

A coffee shop isn’t an ideal place to meet your clients. Shared office spaces, like those offered by the Westlund Building, are located in prime business locations and come with modern, well-designed interiors. Meeting rooms with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment allows your business to present a professional image to your clients. 

If you really want to impress them, take them up to the Westlund Building’s rooftop putting green for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Shared Amenities and Cost Savings

Shared office spaces often come with a range of amenities and services that can often be prohibitively expensive for a small business or start-up to afford on their own, like the aforementioned conference rooms for example. Shared office spaces also come fully furnished, saving you a packet on interior décor and furniture. Other facilities include things like high-speed internet, printing and scanning services, kitchen facilities, and front desk support. With office rentals starting at just $900, the shared offices at the Westlund Building allow you to spend your much-needed capital on where you need it the most – on growing your business. 

Benefit from the Shared Office Space at the Westlund Building

The Westlund Building offers beautiful, shared offices filled with natural light to help you get your work done in a productive, fulfilling environment.

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