It feels like the holiday season has just gotten over and it’s time to crack down and get some serious work done. Another party should be the last thing on your mind – or should it? Summer will be just around the corner before you know it and it’ll be time to host your annual corporate event. 

Getting a head start on planning your annual summer event can save you a lot of hassle in the long run. In fact, it can even be a fun diversion when you need a break from your regular routine. If you’re planning a personal event, then the sooner you get started the better so that you don’t get overwhelmed closer to the date of your event.

Here’s a handy summer party planning guide along with a checklist to help you stay organized:

3-6 months before the party:

  • Establish event goals and objectives.
  • Select an event date.
  • Make a guest list.
  • Source the venue.
  • Get cost estimates.
  • Finalize your event budget.
  • Create and launch a publicity plan.
  • Choose a theme.

Before you start planning your summer party, it’s important to establish your goals and objectives. What do you want to achieve with the party? Do you want to have a formal do to impress some important clients, or do you want to give your employees a break and let them know how much you appreciate them?

Choose your venue according to your event goals. The spacious Westlund Building Atrium is the place you want to host an event to make an impression while the Rooftop is perfect for letting down your hair and having some fun.

Make a guest list, so you have a headcount. Think about factors like are you including plus ones? Or are you hosting an event for your employees and their families? 

Narrow down some dates based on the occasion you are planning. For example, if you are planning an event that includes employees and their families, it can be a good idea to choose a weekend before school holidays begin. This will mean most of your employees will be able to attend before they plan trips with their families.

Book your venue well in advance. Popular venues tend to get booked out fast and you can risk losing out on your preferred one.

1-2 months before the party:

  • Send out invitations.
  • Plan the menu.
  • Hire a caterer (if necessary).
  • Rent equipment (tables, chairs, etc.).
  • Book entertainment (DJ, band, etc.).
  • Order decorations.

This is when the work planning your event really starts. Hopefully, you have a theme planned out and the venue booked by now. Now is the time to really get stuck into the details. Send out your invitations and start compiling a list of RSVPs. You may have to follow up with a few of your attendees during this period to get actual numbers.

A professional event venue should be able to help you with many of the nitty-gritties. The Westlund Building has extensive connections to various local vendors and will be able to give you recommendations based on your needs, theme, and budget. Your caterer can also use our kitchen to prep and serve food.

If your event is a charity event, a product launch, or an event that deserves to be on page 3, then get your publicity plan in place. Contact journalists, influencers, and bloggers as you require to let them know about your event. 

1 day before the party:

  • Confirm with any media attending.
  • Set up the event space.
  • Finalize arrangements for dismantling the event decor.

You should have any loose ends tied up by now. All you need to do is make sure everything is good to go. 

On the day of the party:

  • Set up the food and drinks.
  • Set up the entertainment.
  • Greet your guests and have fun!

Whether you’re planning a corporate holiday gathering or a family celebration, The Westlund Building offers a range of event spaces to accommodate any group size or theme. Our building is available year-round for events of any scale. With panoramic mountain backdrop views, the 3,500 square feet patio space, capable of accommodating up to 100 people, is perfect for hosting a memorable summer party or event. The Atrium Lobby with its magnificent open ceilings and use of a 30-foot-tall, big screen is the ideal place for any event. 

If you’re thinking about celebrating in Greater Vancouver, think Westlund!

 Please send us a message with any questions you may have.