The Atrium Rental Space at the Westlund Building

Vancouver has been called “the city of glass,” and for good reason. One look at the city’s downtown skyline reveals how much residents enjoy the sunlight and mountain views. 

People on the West Coast appreciate being outside. However, when looking for a suitable space to host your Greater Vancouver event, you can’t always count on the weather to cooperate.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have an attractive venue location with plenty of natural light. 

Introducing the Front Lobby of the Westlund Building in Langley

The Westlund Building on 200th Street in Langley is recognizable for many reasons, notably for its distinctive, modern architecture. The site features a prominent atrium within a modern 4-story business development.  

Not only does the building serve as a hub of retail activity for popular businesses such as APEX Wireless and Fluid Spa + Salon during the day, but over the years, it has hosted many events.

From fashion shows and product launches to employee appreciation casino nights and various film productions, the Westlund Building’s spacious atrium provides an elegant space that people like to be associated with. It’s a place where people enjoy spending time.  

We’re Not Hard to Get to

With its proximity to Highway #1, and convenient location along the retail thoroughfare of 200th Street, The Westlund Building is a short commute (less than an hour away) from Vancouver’s downtown core. 

You can’t miss our building from the street!

Upon arrival, you have free parking options out front. There is also a parkade underneath the building and spots for vehicles on the side streets. Evening events all but guarantee a prime location for your ride.

Accommodating for All

With its attached large kitchen area and coffee bar, your event is well set up to serve refreshments and snacks. It is a boon for any catering staff you hire.

The wide double doors in the building’s front lobby enable plenty of space for bringing in tables and chairs with speedy convenience. Over the years, we’ve seen everything from film production lighting gear and video villages to arcade machines and modular staging come through the doors with zero issues.   

The Westlund Building is clean, bright, and modern, with a visually appealing industrial flair. There’s something wonderfully invigorating about all the natural light and big windows that envelop the space.

But don’t worry; you have all the outlets and power you need to illuminate the proceedings and hook up your speakers and microphones. 

Speaking of AV features, the building’s 30-foot-tall suspended LED screen in the front lobby never fails to impress. 

Designed to Impress

If it’s a ‘wow factor’ you’re looking for, that’s precisely what the Westlund Building has provided its tenants, customers, and guests for the past five years. The open space and natural light have made the building a desirable home base for boutique businesses of every industry. 

The Westlund Building’s front lobby and open atrium were designed to welcome and amaze first-time visitors.

Our atrium complements all kinds of social gatherings, from product launches to 50th wedding anniversary celebrations. No matter the occasion, the Westlund Building is open for event bookings. Get in touch to book your time today!